Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Million Years Later...

Best laid plans, and all that. I meant to get back to blogging, but my available time has been at a premium. I'm not complaining, mind you. It's just that the longer I go without a post, the more it starts to feel like something has to be a Big Deal in order to be the first post after that long time, and I never seem to find the time to sit down and write up the big, complex stuff.

So forget that.

An update, of sorts.

It's time for me to re-cert.
Not a big deal, right?
Well... it wouldn't be, if for once the world would simply go along as it should, instead of managing to throw roadblocks up nearly every step.
The state has decided to CHANGE EVERYTHING.
Change what levels of certification there are.
Change the curriculum.
Change protocols.
And... the nearest place to take classes decided not to have a re-cert class and test for the level I am now, since that level shortly will no longer exist, and anyone certified at it would be required to take more classes and certify at a different level within the next year.

Which is great, and stuff.
Excepting for that "I need to recertify NOW" part.

What to do?
The short version of a long, frustrating process is that I'm going up to the next level (which ALSO will shortly no longer exist, but that's another story) and somewhere in the middle of that, they're going to manage to find me a test to recertify so I don't end up with NO certification for six months.

Definitely digging the "go up another level" part.
Still not entirely clear on how this all fits in with all the level changes- and neither is anyone else.
Not surprised AT ALL that I ended up smack dab in the middle of the changing, considering all the curveballs that got thrown at me to certify at THIS level in the first place.

Why not just take a medic class?
I'd love to.
I'd have to pay for it out of pocket and I simply can't afford it.
Long term plan is to actually get paid for this, and work up to medic once I'm doing that, either by saving up, or by working at an agency that will spring for it.

Best part of taking the EMT-CC class?
My daughter is taking it with me! What a team!

We had our first lab last night, and it was great. Excellent instructor team. Good bonding experience, what with the sticking each other with needles part. And to top it off, no one passed out.

Ah, now that I've broken the ice and started writing, there is so much I want to say. Guess I'll have to save it up. The class ought to give me lots of stuff to post about.

Before I go...
There is something I need to mention.

It finally happened.
Something that I knew would happen, eventually.

This here blog is quasi-semi-sort-of-anonymous.
I don't use my real name, although it's easy enough to figure out.
I don't mention my agency, although, again, it's easy enough to figure out if you have any online skills at all- and you likely do.
I'm very careful not to post any HIPAA violations.

And yet.
There are probably some folks who would not be happy about me blogging at all.
Especially because I post some truths that they'd prefer to hide not to acknowledge.

The question has long been how long it would be before someone locally finds this blog and figures out who and where I am.

It won't be long.
How do I know?

For the first time locally, I came across someone who reads the same blogs I do. (That is a pretty funny story, in and of itself.)
And if they read THOSE blogs, it is somewhat likely they will stumble across THIS blog.
I know he's looking.
And it isn't hard to figure out, at all.

So...uh...yeah... if you found me, you're right, this is the one. :-)

Next up... more training opportunities, of course.
And some comments about this post.

Hopefully, sometime sooner than a million years.


  1. I finally found it!

    Well, mostly I wasn't looking for it, and then happened to stumble onto it and realized that the pic in the upper right corner of the page is your FB profile picture...

  2. Bingo! Welcome to my little part of the blogosphere.
    Probably shouldn't have used that pic, huh?

    I hope you find some of the stuff I post helpful.