Saturday, February 28, 2015

One of My Favorites

Had one of my favorite things happen at a call recently.
It's a simple thing. A small town thing.

We got a call to an address where I had been before, but the patient description was not even remotely familiar, even though the location was.
We don't have a lot of rental property out here, but we do have some- and this was one, so I thought maybe the previous patient had moved or something, and that was why this wasn't ringing a bell.

But when I walked in, something happened that clarified everything.

The patient recognized me. 
Remembered that I had been there before, six months ago.
When the patient's FRIEND was staying there while recovering.

THAT was why nothing sounded familiar.
Same address; different patient.

At the call months ago, I assumed I'd never know how things turned out, because that patient doesn't actually live in my response area, so it was unlikely we'd meet again. It was a somewhat uncommon medical situation, so I had wondered, more than once, how things had gone.

The friend was happy to give me an update, and let me know the former patient was doing very well, indeed.

So nice to hear!

I was somewhat surprised to be remembered.

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