Tuesday, June 26, 2018

All or Nothing

It's an odd thing out here.

It seems like the calls happen either when we're all out here, available to respond, or when none of us are.

Just recently, we had both situations the same day. A call where we were practically tripping over responders, and later, one where none of us were out here, and no one from our agency responded at all.

I wish there was a way to make that balance better.

Instead, it seems to work a lot like call frequency itself. We'll go for days without a call, then have three back to back. Or even a couple of weeks without anything, then two simultaneous calls.

It would make sense if the cause for the higher number of calls was obvious. In a storm, if we get more calls for trees down, that makes perfect sense. Or if it's snowing heavily, to have more cars slide off the road wouldn't be unexpected.

But instead, we get a sudden rash of sick people, with conditions that are unrelated, on the same day that there is a structure fire. And not only that, but the rest of the county has a similar pattern. There are days when every agency in the county is running calls right and left, for things that couldn't possibly be connected.


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