Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Had a call shortly after getting home from Baltimore.  Afterwards, we were supposed to have training, but instead of being the training that we were told it was going to be, it became, as it often does, "we'll go back to the station and see what people want to work on and come up with something."

I am distinctly uninterested.

Spent some time putting the rescue back in service, including re-setting some things that had needed doing for a while.  There was some recently returned equipment that I wanted to swap back onto the truck.  Useful.

During this time, our "EMS Director" (the title used by the dept- there seems to be no consistency at all in what title different departments use!) asked me if I plan to "give a report" about what I learned in Baltimore.  Sure, I said, but there is a lot of information, so it will take a while to organize it and/or present it.  He seemed puzzled.  Thought that I should be able to tell them all about it in a few minutes.

Kind of funny, really.
Four days of intensity, condensed into a few minutes?

I can do that.
I can do it in three words.

"You should go."

Beyond that, trying to distill everything I learned, that's a challenge.
A good one, I think.

Did get a chance to talk to some medics I know near here about some of what I experienced. No one from this area, except for me, went this year, although I know several of them have gone previously.  They tend to go to a closer regional conference, one I haven't gone to yet.  I'm looking into getting there this year.  Much smaller, but if the presenters are as good, well worth the time.

Now to convince some of the blogosphere to come visit!

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