Sunday, March 20, 2011

People Care

Saw a reference to this book somewhere and ordered it immediately, based on the blurb on the back cover.

"When you kneel in front of somebody's grandpa who's sitting on his couch and denying his chest pain, you need to recognize the pain he says isn't there, detect the shortness of breath he hasn't mentioned and sense the fear that's absolutely dominating his consciousness. You need to appreciate the fact that his spouse, seated right there next to him, is scared to death she's never going to sleep with him again.  And somehow, you need to make everything better in just a few minutes.
These are the dynamics of even the simplest emergency response. They presuppose the presence of gifts in us that not even the greatest teacher can impart- gifts that, unfortunately, come without instructions.
This book is an examination of those gifts and a collection of the instructions that didn't come with them. It's based on the collective experience and wisdom of dozens of professional paramedics and EMTs worldwide who learned to love the lifelong pursuit of helping others.
We hope it helps you to join their number."

It's fabulous.  Concise, concrete suggestions.
Some of which I already do.
Some of which I haven't had the opportunity to find out if I do.

Most people I know personally in EMS know a lot of this stuff, being good people, and having been around for a while. Most of it should be common sense- but we all know how common that isn't.

If I were the EMS Director, I'd make it required reading.
If I were the Training Officer for the fire dept, I'd make it required reading.  It is specifically about EMS, but it has a LOT of information in there that applies to anyone in the emergency services.

It's about respect, mostly.
It's about treating people, not conditions.
About understanding the position you are in, being invited into someone's bedroom, their most intimate place, in the middle of the night.

A pretty quick read.  83 pages.

I'm glad I found it.
It will make me a better EMT, no question.

By Thom Dick & Friends

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