Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happy's Pizza Box

Only time for a short post this morning.  Spending most of the day at a memorial for our friend.

I saw this post from Happy Medic yesterday. Go read it.  I love it!
(Edit on 11/24- apparently, he removed that post. Bummer.)

It's little things, little "tricks of the trade" that make it so much easier to remember things, and make it easier to connect with patients, too.

Just because a medical emergency is a serious thing, doesn't mean everything we do has to be dry and boring.  Sometimes, a little humor can be just the thing.

Like the time I saw a medic tell an elderly woman that he had x-ray vision, and that's how he knew she needed to go to the hospital.

Or the medic I know who always helps little old ladies up by asking them to dance with him.

People skills are so important.
I'll steal your pizza box technique, Happy.
I wish I could follow you around and absorb your "happy-ness."

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  1. Dangit. Looks like that post didn't survive Happy's blog re-organization or whatever it was he did recently. Hopefully it will be recovered.