Thursday, November 24, 2011


Here it is, that day that most Americans celebrate as Thanksgiving.
Full of overeating and family "togetherness," no doubt.

I don't usually celebrate on this day. My kids and I celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving, for a variety of reasons, so our celebration happened several weeks ago.

It doesn't mean we aren't thankful today.

To "celebrate," I offer a list of things I'm thankful for at the moment. In no particular order.

1. Kittens.
2. People I can ask when I need to know something.
3. Wind and rain... where wind and rain belong.
4. Family.
5. Time.
6. The opportunity to do what I believe in, and to keep learning, every day.
7. The truth.
8. My dog, who never lies to me and is always glad to see me.

I hope everyone out there has the chance to feel thankful today, and every day.

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