Sunday, November 20, 2011


Here we are, opening day of hunting season. The "regular season," that is.  Bow season started a while ago.

It reminds me of the seasons around here.

Today marks the change from "falling out of a tree stand" season to the beginning of "accidental gunshot wound" season. "Lost in the woods" straddles both seasons, as does "the deer are spooked and likely to run into the road" season.

It's the time of year to brush up on bleeding control (and to wish, AGAIN, that we had tourniquets) and shock. The time of year to keep good boots handy, and to know what areas hunters favor. To hope for people to take care in the woods during the day, and not shoot each other, and to take even more care driving home at night.

From the fire side, it's chimney fire season, as well as "inappropriate heating method" season.

We are fast closing in on candle and "Christmas tree lights malfunctioned" season, which will likely be closely connected to "shoveling too much snow" season, whether it's the "with a back back" or "with heart trouble" version.

You'd think the department would schedule training to coordinate with the seasons, but they don't.

I do, though.
I keep track of both "what is particularly likely to happen this time of year" and "the basics that could happen anytime" to guide my personal training/practice plan.

And then I hope I won't need it.

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