Thursday, December 22, 2011

In My Inbox

A few posts ago, I mentioned getting training opportunities in my inbox.

I'd like to share a couple of them.

First is EMS SEO.
I first ran across them on Twitter, because of their podcast, EMS Office Hours.
In addition to the podcast, they offer approximately a bazillion learning opportunities.

But maybe the best part is this:
If you sign up for their newsletter, you get weekly friendly e-mails, usually with some sort of special offer for members. Many times it's free access to webinars or other learning materials. I'm not big on giving out my e-mail address, and I tend not to be crazy about getting a lot of e-mail newsletters, but this one is well worth it.

The other thing that shows up regularly in my inbox is something I started getting sort of by accident. I got an iPod Touch a couple of years ago or so, and started looking for interesting Apps for it. One that I found was something called Medscape.  It's from the WebMD folks and has gotten some pretty good reviews.  Little did I know when I downloaded it, that I'd end up with a case study sent to me by e-mail. They have a "case of the week" that is sent out every week, and CMEs are available- although I haven't ever bothered to try to get "credit" for any, so I'm not sure how that works, exactly.

It is set up more for doctors, really, but even so, the cases are pretty interesting, and there is always something to learn from them.

Those are just two of the opportunities that show up regularly, and I don't have enough time to take advantage of everything they offer. I check them out whenever I can, though.  You should consider it.

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