Sunday, December 11, 2011


I have a wristband with the name of a friend on it. One of my mentors, in fact.

He died suddenly a few weeks ago. At way too young an age.

Turns out, he was a mentor to quite a few people. He was well-loved, by his family, his co-workers, and by friends from years ago, who traveled a long way to come here to show their respect.

One of his coworkers had these wristbands made, for any who wanted them.  The money he has collected for them goes to our friend's family, and the beautiful children he has left behind, as it should.

So now, I carry his name with me everywhere I go, and thoughts of him and his steadfastness help me through whatever I'm dealing with.

But I can't help think of how odd it is in this culture that we wait until someone dies before we spend much time honoring and remembering them.

Seems like we should do more to honor each other before then.

I want a wristband with the names of ALL my friends on it, so I carry them with me all the time as well. They are all an inspiration to me, now, and every day.

Kind of impractical, to make such a wristband, but I'm letting the one I wear stand in for it, I guess.
I've lost three friends in the past few months, all too soon, too young.
I'm trying to be more mindful now.
Trying to remember to tell people how I feel now, when they can hear me.
Trying to show appreciation for what they do now, rather than wait until it's too late.

Losing someone happens so fast.
Loving them should happen all the time.

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