Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Couple of Important Online Training Courses

Both of these were required for my daughter's EMT-B class. Neither were required for mine.

Both had information that I did not know.

NYS Mandated Child Abuse Reporting
Relatively long, and relatively dry, but it includes a LOT of information about when and how to report suspected child abuse that I would not have otherwise known. All I knew is that we are mandated to report, but nothing about the actual indicators to look for, the time frame, the paperwork required, or what happens next.

MOLST Training
The website includes even more information than the training does. This one is a little more straightforward, and most of it, I could have figured out on my own. Still, it covered a thing or two that I didn't know.

As I said, they were both required in one class, and not required in another. If I were teaching a Basic class, I'd either go over this material myself, or require it. They both include some pretty important legal issues.

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