Sunday, February 5, 2012

More resources

Stumbled across another great online resource yesterday.

It's Paramedic Tutor's eLearner page.

Looks like it's a couple of years old, and not being updated now, but the stuff that is there looks pretty good.

There are links to youtube videos, playbacks of virtual classroom lectures, and podcasts.

A lot of it is cardiac/12-lead interpretation, but there is a lot of other stuff there, too. I'm drawn to the cardiac stuff because I find it so fascinating.

For those who are interested, he also has a page of information on creating your own educational materials.

This is all courtesy of Rob Theriault, a Canadian paramedic who can be found all over the internet in a variety of EMS-related forums. You can read all about him here. Interesting story. He's one of the folks behind EMS Educast, which I've mentioned before.

There is SO MUCH educational material out there it's simply not possible to get through it all, but this guy is one of the ones to pay attention to. Thanks, Rob.

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