Thursday, February 2, 2012

Distracted Day

This past year has been tough in the "loss" department, for both pets and friends.

I wrote a couple of posts about the illness and eventual loss of one of our cats.
We lost another one later in the year.

Then my dog got sick. That prompted a post about Lyme Disease.

It has been nearly two months since then, and the symptoms have come back. Poor dog. We had a miserable night and then a trip to the vet today.

I don't deal very well with my animals not feeling well.

So today, instead of doing the things I had planned to do, I spent a lot of it worrying, and the rest of it flitting from one thing to another, not really accomplishing much.

A couple of comments about flitty things:

JEMS posted a question on facebook, asking "Have you ever arrived on scene to find out the patient is someone you know?"
I think that's a pretty funny question. I was not the only person to comment along the lines of "Small town. All the time."

Happy Medic posted about being recognized by an EMT he didn't know. It's pretty challenging to keep a blog anonymous.

While out running errands, we saw some people who I'm pretty sure were the patients at one of the worst incidents we've gone to. Two people who really should not have survived, but luck was smiling on them that day. We have wondered many, many times since then how they are doing, and may well have found out. Not 100% sure, but some faces I likely won't ever forget.

One of my other blogs has suddenly gotten popular, at least for today. I'm not sure whether I think that's cool, or if it makes me uncomfortable. A little of both, maybe. I'm starting to get fb friend requests from it, and those make me feel a little... something. Too bad I'm not selling anything.

I registered for an exhibit floor pass for EMS Today, so I'm trying to figure out a way to get down there and back without sleeping in between, and doing so without missing too much work on this end.

Mostly, I'm trying to stay distracted so I don't worry so much about my dog. I expect I'll be up with him much of the night, and Friday is my busiest work day, so by this time tomorrow I should be pretty loopy. I'm sure no one reading this EVER stays up and works a 24.

This blog is a little content-light for the day.
One of the others has the most popular post I've ever made, anywhere.
Sometimes, I know what I'm talking about.

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