Monday, January 9, 2012

As Long As We Don't Get Caught

Short and sweet post today.

I am very, very tired of people whose attitude can be summed up as "as long as we don't get caught."

I keep seeing it everywhere I go. Everywhere.

People suggesting a friend do something she knows is illegal, and how to cover it up so she won't get caught.

Someone posting really nasty stuff about his wife on facebook, followed by "she isn't on here, so she'll never know."

Scandal after scandal in the news of people falsifying credentials, doing things behind closed doors, etc.

Fire departments not following NFPA or OSHA (or PESH, in NYS) or other standards or regulations. Not mentioning any in particular- there are plenty to choose from, sad to say.

And the list goes on.

Second least favorite bs excuse? When I pointed out today that someone had grossly misrepresented themselves, and then published the information they had gathered, without telling anyone that was the purpose of gathering the information, I was told "Welcome to the Internet."  It's true that there are a lot of dishonest people out there- but it doesn't make it acceptable or appropriate, any more than repeating a lie makes it the truth.

If no one ever stands up and says that these things are wrong, nothing will ever change.

Why is standing up for what is right treated like treason so often? This culture has a HUGE in group/out group problem, I think.  If We do it, it's okay, if THEY do it, it's bad... and it almost doesn't matter what "it" is. Just look at politics over the past several years.

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