Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Job Opening near Rochester NY

A friend of mine just passed along this job posting:

Med-Scribe, Inc. is currently conducting a search campaign for an Emergency Medical Services Manager for an all-volunteer team providing ambulance service to their community on the eastside of Rochester.

The successful candidate for this position will handle the operations of an all-volunteer ambulance corp. This is a diverse role requiring EMT background and experience with human resources, scheduling and public relations. Candidate must have strong interpersonal and managerial skills. Hours: 8:00am-5:00pm with flexibility to cover for board meetings, events, and related programs. The salary range for this position is up to 40K with experience. No medical benefits, paid vacation

REQUIRED QUALITIES: Team player, able to take initiative, self-starter, flexibility, and the ability to think on your feet. This person would be scheduling staff, supervising staff, and assisting in managing volunteers. Eventually may manage other in-agency staff. There are approximately 75-100 active members. Candidate will be required to continuously update the agency and the board on the current compliance requirements. This would be the first salaried employee. This is a direct hire position.

REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: Must have a clean driver's license. 2-3 years field experience as an EMT, understands training requirements, current certification: EMT B- at a minimum. Must have management experience. An Associate’s Degree or higher is required.

To be considered for this position, candidates must complete an online application at and reference order number #1141209.

Amy DeVincentis, Recruiter
Med-Scribe, Inc.
Fairport, NY 14450
Toll free: 1-800-278-1463
Phone: 585-586-0790
Fax: 585-586-0989


Sounds like it could be an interesting job.
One I might actually have the qualifications for, if I wanted to move there.
I did a little research, and I'm pretty sure I know what agency this is for.

But is it just me, or is it weird- and WRONG- that this job, as described, includes NO MEDICAL BENEFITS? They want to hire someone to oversee an organization providing medical services that that person could then not afford to use? At the very least, I'd think they'd offer a free ride if necessary. This is a more than full time job, with a huge amount of responsibility.

If the person who they hire has a family, that salary would place someone out of the range where they could get state-subsidized health insurance, but does not provide enough to afford coverage for a family. It falls right in that "stuck in the middle" range of too poor to afford much, but not poor enough to get help.

I don't know much about ambulance services across the country. I know the one nearest here offers medical benefits. Do most of them not? Do most jobs not provide health insurance anymore? Every full time job I've ever had, other than being self-employed, has provided health insurance. Is that not the norm anymore?

I would believe it. The whole system is a huge mess.

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  1. Unfortunately, I believe that the low salary is the norm for EMS. As far as the medical beneifits, I work through a hospital based EMS service and although we are offered benefits, most providers that are married are covered under their spouse's job's health care plan because ours is so poor.