Monday, January 9, 2012

Pipe Nozzle

Ooh, two posts in one day!

Meant to mention this earlier.

I've been following this guy on twitter for a while, and yesterday, he announced that his book, Pipe Nozzle, would be available for kindle for free all this week (Jan 9-13 2012)  from amazon.

It's based on his blog,  Clearly a fire-based kind of a blog, but I don't discriminate against firefighters. :-) 

Seems to be an interesting sort of guy. Describes himself as "someone who uses the First Amendment to speak truth to power" and I kind of like that. He strikes me as the kind of person who doesn't run his mouth a lot, but says something when it's important to him.

So I downloaded the book. Haven't read it yet, so I can't give any sort of review, but since it's free, and only for a limited time, I thought a couple people out there might be interested in the opportunity.

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