Monday, January 2, 2012

We Are the People

We are the people of the night.
When others are asleep, we are awake, watching, waiting, to be there when someone needs help. We see the sun go down, and the darkness fall. We see the people who have nowhere else to go.

We are the people of the morning. There when others wake, and there for those who don't. As the sun rises and the new day begins, we change the guard, ever watchful.

We are the people of the day, there when bright sun rays meet rush hour traffic. There when the busy rush around, doing what they do, sometimes what they didn't mean to do. There for the hurried, and for the slow.

We are the people of the storm, dressed and prepared, waiting for what comes. As the snow falls, we stay ready to go out, in any weather, more dependable than the postal service. The worse the weather, the more likely we will be out in it, finding ways to manage whatever challenges it presents.

We are there for the unprepared, the accidental, the "won't happen to me." We are there to ease the final path, and occasionally, to greet the new. We are the unnoticed, unrecognized and sometimes unwanted- yet also the necessary. No one wants to see us, yet most are grateful when they do.

It is both a burden and a gift.

Stay well, stay safe.
Love your family and each other.
Hold fast to the good, and let go of whatever holds you back.

Those who can, must, because those who can't, can't.


  1. This is good, Linda. I could just see a photo montage going by with each paragraph/scenario. We should make one!!! Of course, we might have that little issue of Privacy. Still it would make a cool commercial or video. Just a reminder of 1st Responders out there, who are always on standby.

    Your community is lucky to have you!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks, Sue.
    I might be able to pull images from various places.