Thursday, January 5, 2012

Phone Discount

Way back last summer, we were at a Fire Chiefs show, and were given a flyer about Sprint offering a discount for firefighters. We had just switched to Sprint shortly before then, and hadn't heard anything about it.

I went to the local Sprint store to ask, and they said I needed some sort of official ID. At the time, my dept didn't provide any such thing. But now they do.


Went to the Sprint store again today, and the guy there gave me some paperwork to fill out, including some sort of code number he wrote on it. He said to fill it out and fax it in to them, and I'll get a 22% discount on my phone bill. It's only on the primary line on my account, but 22% off that is better than nothing!

So I thought I'd share.

I went looking for an easy link to provide, but didn't come up with one.
I did find some information that looks like AT&T offers a similar discount, and Verizon offers a smaller one.

So if you didn't know about this, and if you're in a fire dept, check with your service provider.

I haven't heard anything specifically about an EMS discount, but there should be one, I think. Ask.

It does require a new 2 yr service contract, unless you are a new customer, in which case, that service contract is already required. Kind of a drag, that, in principle, but we've been pretty happy with our phone service since we switched, and aren't looking to upgrade, so it works for us.  I just wish we had known about it at the beginning.


  1. Just an FYI, accepting the new two year agreement won't change your ability to upgrade if you decide you want to do so. With Sprint (not all carriers) your eligibility to upgrade is based only on how long it has been since you last upgraded your phone. So if you renew your agreement to get the discount and decide later you want to upgrade you'll still be able to do so. Of course, accepting the discount on the phone will trigger a new 2 year agreement (it won't be longer than 2 years, it will be 24 months from the day you activate the phone).

    As an aside if you're close to the end of your current agreement give customer service a call. They may be able to offer you some credits on your bill for renewing with them over the phone which would just be free money since you're about to renew to get the monthly discount. Just don't accept a 10%/mo discount they sometimes offer because you can only have one recurring discount at a time.

    I knew working for Sprint customer service in the past would pay off one day!

  2. Thanks!
    The people I've talked to haven't been very forthcoming with a lot of information, so this is great!