Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More From My Inbox

A lot of information comes to my inbox.  I've written about some of it before. There is so much it would be difficult to make a comprehensive list, so I'll post about things as they come up.

First up this morning is the Brain Trauma Foundation. I got an e-mail from them a while back, mentioning a free webinar on concussions, focusing on sport injuries. Listened in on it today. Some interesting information that I hadn't heard before.  You can access their recorded webinars here. The one from today isn't up there yet, but I expect it will be soon. There are thirteen others available.

The other thing that came back to my attention today isn't EMS-specific, but it surely is connected. It's an organization called QBQ (which stands for the Question Behind the Question). Their tag line is "Be Outstanding Through Personal Accountability."  There is a free newsletter that highlights various stories of excellent personal accountability. Some very heartwarming stories- and a few customer service surprises.

John Miller, the guy behind this, is a very interesting guy.  He offers books, podcasts, speaking appearances, classes, a blog, the newsletter, etc.  Go check out the website and see if there's anything there you might find valuable for yourself, or your organization. There is a lot there.

I think he's on the right track. Being excellent is a personal choice, and it starts with taking responsibility for your actions.

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